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/Are you looking for a VP of Customer Experience & Community?

Why me?

My passion for connecting people and love for story telling has helped me to create and manage some of the largest and most demanding online customer communities on the planet.

I’ve built and delivered successful outcome driven content, content marketing, customer and online community strategies across a range of environments from start-ups to highly matrixed Fortune 500 organizations like Microsoft, Ford and Tyco.

Back in ’98

I logged in to my first IRC account at the high school library. I’ve been fascinated by the way humans behave online ever since.

Today, with the rigor and process of managing major enterprise networks under my belt, I’m experienced in leading communities to scale while keeping humans, from high school to CEO level, engaged.


David Obrand

CEO, Fuze

‘Bryony is the best in the business. She has been instrumental in the transformation of our approach to community.’


Peter Williams

Chief Edge Officer, Deloitte

‘Bryony actively mentored other team members and has an exceptional capability to help develop people.’


Colette Hinckley

Senior Director, Fuze

‘Her contributions at Yammer and Fuze were critical for our customers’ success and adoption of our product[s].’


Read on to see how real life experience measures up


"Bryony is the best example I know of someone who not only understands the complete customer experience, but who has dedicated her life to making every single interaction a more enjoyable encounter, for all parties involved."

Murray Galbraith

Founder, Dads.co

/Ensure every customer receives a world class experience

A key responsibility to leading Customer Experience / Community is ensuring every point of contact is consistent and engaging. I see the role with four key pillars of success; to inform, express, connect and motivate. Thinking through different users/audiences and stages of the customer journey, the work continuously serves different needs, uses many media, and reach audiences nearby and a world away. Here’s my experience designing best-in-class communications for every stage of the journey:

New Users

New Users

- Develop education materials like Use Case Catalogs and inspirational handbooks
– Design nurture campaign
– Engineer onboarding workshops

Loyal Users

Loyal Users

- Cultivate Fuze & Yammer Ambassador Programs
– Design Fuze Customer Advisory Board
– Increase reach and share of voice through highlighting Customer Stories on the blog

All Users

All Users

- Create and deliver companywide best practices for social media
– Create Brand Communication Guidelines to ensure a consistent and responsive experience to the community


"Bryony is one of the world's leading community managers. A natural mentor, she challenges everyone around her to do things well."

Ross Hill

Business, CoTap

/Act as mentor and leader to the team


Support the innovation, growth, and success of a team

Previous Management Experience

• Managed Microsoft’s Strategic Customer Programs global team of five, whose role it was to manage Microsoft’s Yammer Customer Community of 4,216 users online

• Supported growth of over 10,000 new accounts during the Yammer-Microsoft acquisition process by developing a community strategy, including:

• YCN Rules of Conduct and Best Practices,

• Updated community invitation processes,

• new moderation system and resources,

• and hiring additional community management support

• Presented at conferences globally on the topic of Community in San Francisco, New York, Melbourne, Sydney and London

Speaking Engagements

• ‘Connecting and Engaging in a Global Workforce’ presentation at Gartner 2014

• ‘The Future of Work’ presentation at the Spigit Social Conference in California 2013

• Represented Yammer at the MIT Media Lab Members Symposium 2012

• ‘Reading will open up your world’ presentation for National Ambassador for Reading, at Lauriston Girls School, Melbourne 2012

• ‘The Community Code’ at Mumbrella Community Manager’s Masterclass, Melbourne 2011

• ‘The Third Phase of Community Management’ at the Swarm Conference, Sydney 2011

• ‘Mentorship: Breaking the Mould’ This is Mindful Conference, Melbourne 2011

• ‘Beyond Facebook: Building Social Media into High Risk Organizations’ Innovation Week, Canberra 2011



"Bryony’s regular support and advice helped us create an interacting global network, growing it to 300 members strong in 4 months and literally growing by the day."

Billy Gentle

Earth Hour, WWF

/Metrics, Data, Policies & Procedures, Systems & Processes

Core to building and sustaining a thriving customer exprerience is measuring progress, and putting the right systems in place to allow room for innovating on engagement strategies while scaling rapidly.

Here’s my experience designing best-in-class measurement for building engagement, improving access to site:



– Engineered key measurements for social media and community reporting
– Developed targets for advanced user activities



– Designed Community Moderation Procedures
– Evolved the Yammer Social Center of Excellence to include three levels of best practice and procedures



– Led weekly content core team resulting in cross-functional alignment
– Implemented standardized content guidelines for all channels of communication

Example of a key project

Microsoft Analytics Project Yammer Customer Network
Worked with Kanjoya, Stanford Natural Language Processing Lab and Good Data to analyse the emotionality of the messages of the YCN Community.Industry benchmark was 70%

Core activities
• Devised regular content strategy to achieve 20% more engagement over quarter
• Led increase of active users by 100 per quarter, and led increase in active community user from average of 5 messages to 7 messages through regular content schedule, offline events and webinars to stimulate engagement.
• Reduced time to acceptance from 7 days to 1 day through overhall of global invite process

Community Snapshot
Users 4,216
358 new users per quarter
1026 groups
42 new groups per quarter
3,667 new messages per quarter
55% positive sentiment overall
5 messages average an hour


Emotionality (89.7%)
Speed of access to Community Improved (86%)
Engagement per quarter (45%)


Critical cross functional leader and team player.

/Cross Department Collaboration

Critical to any company’s success is the ability to work across departments to share knowledge, customer feedback and updates of what is coming down the pipe in order to keep users aware while shaping the internal roadmap.

I’ve collaborated and led many cross-functional teams and projects, including:

  • Fuze Brand Voice Communication Style Guidelines for all communication channels
  • Steering Committee for the Fuze Vision and Roadmap Deck to present priorities, features and direction of company
  • Consult with internal stakeholders on the tone for customer campaigns and communication
  • Regularly serve as a feedback loop between customer use cases and Product & Engineering teams

‘It’s hard to express how much I’ve enjoyed collaborating with Bryony and how highly I’d recommend working with her if you get the chance. Bryony cares deeply for the clients and for her colleagues. She’s incredibly intelligent and just knows how to get things done, often when nobody else can quite see the right way forwards. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that she has your back. She brings the best out of me, and that’s really all you can ask for.’


Steve Hopkins

Engineering, Microsoft


/Contact Bryony

References and copies of work are available on request.

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